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The all new game where you go to school, only to get out of it.

You are Phil Trickson, and you just escaped from Green Ditch High School, which happens to be in a small green ditch, and have found that you are on the register of every single school you arrive at, even a prison school...

Craft, explore and escape as you try to puzzle out the universe of utter chaos and craziness, death and discombobulation, masks and makeshift Molotovs, Battery Grenades and all the rest of it in this awesome video game of you, your friends and your enemies, all in one, small universe.

Official Website: www.gamecontagon.weebly.com

Please remember that this game is in early access and will probably have many more updates coming, but please make sure you only buy it if you are happy with the current version.

This is a PC game

Also, below is a FREE PC speed tester, you can use it too see if your computer will be able to run Absence Request. If the 'Average Score' is above 2500 then your PC can run Absence Request on good quality. It was made in a challenge that lasted just 60 minutes, and only some extra touch-up time, so it is very basic compared to Absence Request!

You can download it for free below! It is labelled as a demo.

Please Note: If you are watching the trailer, watch it on max quality as it is a High Quality Video.


Pre-order Now$4.99 USD or more

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